Having a Hard Time Keeping Up With Your Medication? Pill Packs to the Rescue!

Are you or one of your loved ones struggling to keep track of your prescription medications? When taking multiple drugs and supplements it can be hard to remember exactly when and how you should be taking your medication. That’s where The Prescription Shoppe (TPS) comes in. As an independent community pharmacy, we provide additional services that are not usually offered at big box chains. Pill packaging is just one example of how we go above and beyond to accommodate our patients.

There are several benefits to having your medications all in one place; convenience and safety are just a couple of reasons to have your prescription drugs pre-packaged. Not only do we have easy to use packaging, but everything is also spelled out for you. For patients who are taking multiple medications or who may be suffering from dementia, pill packaging is an excellent option.

The packs are clearly labeled with easy to understand directions. We separate each pack by morning, afternoon, and evening; so you will know which medications you should be taking throughout the day. We can also add in your vitamins and supplements so that both your prescription medications and over-the-counter items are all in the same place.

Pill packaging makes it super easy for our senior patients to manage their prescriptions, in addition to caregivers or family members. Having pre-packaged medications makes it less likely that patients will unintentionally double-up on their drugs, or forget to take them altogether. Ultimately, our goal at TPS is to make sure that our patients are taking their medications as prescribed; and they are being compliant to ensure optimal patient outcomes.

As a member of your healthcare team, the role your pharmacist plays is invaluable. While your doctor prescribes your medication(s), pharmacists are the ones who answer your in depth questions about your drug therapy; and suggest ways to incorporate lifestyle changes, that may decrease the amount of prescription medications that you take completely. We also help you address unfavorable side effects, and advocate for you when your drug therapy may need to be adjusted.

Pill packs are just one resource that TPS provides to help our patients manage their medications, in an easy and relatively inexpensive way.

For more information on additional services that we offer, and how we can make your medication therapy management easier, call The Prescription Shoppe today!!!

About Dr. Jade L. Ranger, PharmD

Dr. Jade L. Ranger, PharmD. Co-Owns The Prescription Shoppe with her husband, Dr. Henry Ranger. Together, they are bringing back patient-centered care with their locally and family owned pharmacy.
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