The Essence of Medication Adherence

The Essence of Medication Adherence

Besides flu testing, raising long-term medication adherence awareness is The Prescription Shoppe‘s principal goal for our clients. Although it often needs more commitment and system than our customers are prepared to let on, the fruits will be positive. As your pharmacy in Williamsburg, Virginia, we give you practical tips and tricks that can surely aid you to comply with your prescription medications. Here are the procedures:

  • Educate yourself before you medicate your illness. Studying your medicine is one of the most efficient ways to develop adherence.
  • Make a promise to commit. A simple act of inscribing a promise to adhere to your medication can further reinforce your dedication to taking your prescription accurately.
  • Keep track of your prescription. Don’t try to remember complicated drug names and difficult schedules, instead, make a list and provide the necessary information.
  • Create a calendar of your treatment regimen.
  • Set up reminders because forgetfulness is one of the most frequent causes of non-adherence.
  • Organize your pills with pill organizers, preferably Weekly Pill Organizer.
  • Plan for refills ahead to guarantee that you always have your medication when necessary.

Along with our Medication Therapy Management, you can assure full compliance and adherence to your medication regimen. Because it plays a huge factor in monitoring your progress and ensuring that the medication is effective.

Our medical supply store in Virginia is here to cater to all your health and pharmaceutical needs. Call us now for more details.

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