What to Ask a Pharmacist: A Guide for Parents

What to Ask a Pharmacist: A Guide for Parents

Every parent is very conscientious when it comes to their child’s medication. After all, they always look out for the best of their health. As your partner in proper Medication Therapy Management, we also encourage you to be mindful of the medicines you buy and administer to your child. Pharmacists can greatly help you in terms of clarifying your concerns about your child’s meds.

Here are important matters to ask from a pharmacist regarding your child’s medications:

  • Dosage Specifics
    Confirm with the pharmacist as to what dosage is right for your child’s age and condition. You can seek their counsel especially if the medicine is bought over the counter.
  • Storage Instructions
    The pharmacist from a Pharmacy in Williamsburg, Virginia can also guide you in properly storing your medicine. Take note that when meds are improperly stored, their potency can be affected and they can be misused.
  • Side Effects
    It’s also vital for you to ask about the possible side effects of the medicines. This way, you can prepare yourself on how to handle these types of reactions.
  • Administration Method
    Consult with the pharmacist if it’s safe to administer the medicine with food or drink, or before and after meals. Children can be picky and mixing meds with food or drinks might help in better administration.
  • Food Reaction
    Talk to the pharmacist about possible reactions to foods that your child enjoys eating.
  • Medicine Reaction
    Some medicines can also react to other drugs that your child is taking. If they’re currently taking a certain medication, verify if it’s safe for them to take another medicine.
  • Skipping Dosage
    The pharmacist can also guide you with instructions if ever your child skips a dosage.

The staff in our Medical Supply Store in Virginia are knowledgeable in all concerns related to medicines so if you have inquiries, we’re more than glad to answer these questions for you.

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