Prevent Influenza by Identifying Early Symptoms

Prevent Influenza by Identifying Early Symptoms

Each year, thousands of Americans contract the influenza virus. Every year in each state, thousands are hospitalized with flu, and out of this; many have developed into worse conditions that even result in deaths.

Even if the Influenza season isn’t in full swing yet, The Prescription Shoppe urges you to prepare and recognize the early symptoms to fight it. When you identify any of these with your family, as the most accessible Medical Supply Store in Virginia, we can readily provide you with your medication needs any time. Moving forward, below are the early symptoms of the infection.

  • Fatigue
    An unanticipated feeling of exhaustion is one of the earliest symptoms. Even without doing much activity in the day, your body feels heavy and tired. For an insufficient reason, your body becomes overwhelmed with tiredness.
  • Muscle Pain
    Without even having done any hard labor, your body aches. Along with the heaviness that your body may feel, there comes the body pain which constitutes to feeling tired and difficulty in getting out of bed.
  • Irritated throat
    This is noticeable when swallowing. A sore throat may also develop. There’s that irritation and discomfort when gulping down food.
  • Fever
    This symptom is prevalent with young children and seniors. It comes right after the first three symptoms appear. Although, it’s not a disease, it’s your body giving you a signal that it is fighting an infection or illness within. To treat fever, we are a pharmacy in Williamsburg, Virginia that supplies over-the-counter medications.

Influenza frequently rectifies on its own, however, it may become a complicated concern for others, like seniors and young children. The influenza virus is contagious, so a better way to prevent it from spreading is by taking a flu vaccine. Flu testing is also a viable way to check your body’s current health condition.

If a family member experiences any of the above signs, infection is probable. Prescribed medication and Medication Therapy Management from a pharmacist to improve the outcome are effective treatments.

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