Things You May Not Know About Vitamins

Things You May Not Know About Vitamins

There are still more to vitamins than what meets the eye. As your partner in Medication Therapy Management, let us help you uncover these sets of essential information about your everyday vitamins.

  • Vitamins may have negative reactions with your current medications.
    If you’re taking aspirin, for instance, vitamin C may not be properly absorbed in your body. You may need a higher dosage of vitamin C. To clarify this matter, consult with a pharmacist from a Pharmacy in Williamsburg, Virginia.
  • Vitamins may also have negative reactions to certain foods.
    For instance, vitamins B complex and C may not be absorbed properly when you eat fatty foods. These vitamins are water-soluble.
  • Vitamins also need correct storage just like your regular medications.
    In particular, vitamins that contain oil should be stored in the refrigerator. If not, these can be exposed to heat and moisture, which can change their composition and make them not effective.
  • The vitamin for pregnant women, folate, is best absorbed in the body when taken as a synthetic version.
  • The B12 vitamin supplements may be necessary if the person is not eating too much meat.
    These vitamins are found mostly in meats. If you have further inquiries about vitamin B12, consult with pharmacists from a Medical Supply Store in Virginia.
  • Vitamins also need proper adherence, particularly with their dosage.
    Even if they are vitamins, taking more than what the doctor prescribed can result in overdosage. This excess can put you at risk of liver diseases.
  • Vitamins should be taken along with a well-balanced diet.
    It is wrong to think that since you have supplements, your meals are not that important anymore. Vitamins will never replace the purpose of whole foods for your digestive system and your body.

Is the above information also fresh to you? We hope it helps! If you need more help in understanding medicines and prescriptions, our pharmacists at The Prescription Shoppe can help. We can even provide answers to your questions about CBD Oil and Strep. Feel free to contact us today!

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